African ChangeMakers Mentorship

African Changemakers Mentorship is closing the gap of self-development by creating a powerful support network at every level in life for emerging youth, women, men, teen boys and girls from every background by connecting them to established, skilled, expert and professional’s women and men from different sectors both local or global for knowledge transfer/sharing, solutions-to-problems, self-development, open doors of opportunities and empowerment of a new generation of African leaders.

African Changemakers Mentorship serves as a platform for emerging youth, women, men, teen boys and girls to learn, share, collaborate through mentoring. We do not believe in one-size fits-all approach, we acknowledge the various specific needs of youth, women, men, teen boys and girls through investing in education, leadership development and life-skills that’s critical in strengthening the vital roles youth, women, men, teen boys and girls can play in building a stronger Africa communities, career and business.


African Changemakers Mentorship (#ACMentorship) is making a difference in the lives emerging youth, women, men, teen boys and girls by sharpening their mindset, developing their local and global views, human empathy, leadership, civic engagement and entrepreneurial skills for both personal and career development.

African Changemakers Mentorship program is very flexible with everyone put at the heart of the program development, as we are creating a sense of urgency in youth to step-up to leadership roles in their communities and at the global stage through African Changemakers Mentorship and it can be whatever you want it to be for your community, mentors or mentees, you can make it a;

Face-to-Face Mentoring Activities
Online Mentoring Activities
Mentoring Exchange Activities
Mentor-Mentee Brunch Day
Mentoring Project/Idea Connection Day
Mentoring Seminar, Workshop and Conference

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